The Kauri Story

Kauri Investments, Ltd. was established in 1987 as a real estate investment and development company. Our early objective was to provide quality affordable housing in the central neighborhoods of Seattle. Accomplishing that goal, we have rehabilitated and constructed more than 1,850 multifamily homes.

Due to Kauri’s success, our capabilities have expanded to include property management, fee development, and real estate consulting. We have also diversified to include hotel/hospitality, mixed-use residential and commercial properties.

It is our commitment to work as a team with two goals in mind:

(1) Provide the highest quality products and services possible.

(2) Maintain long-term relationships with ourcustomers and within the communities we serve.

Our Mission

The mission of Kauri Investments is to provide and support quality, moderately priced housing to real estate customers in the greater Seattle area. The unique manner in which we listen to our customers and view our environment distinguishes us from our competition.

Our Commitments

Kauri Investments is guided and inspired by the following commitments:

To Our Customers

  • Listen and be responsive to your needs
  • Create compatible communities
  • Design and construct high quality real estate space
  • Support your living community with superior management

To Our Community

  • Be supportive of diverse cultures, lifestyles and beliefs
  • Proactively participate and contribute
  • Support growth and change, and dedicate ourselves to a long-term relationship

To Our Professional Associates

  • Clearly communicate our expectations and beliefs
  • Invest in innovative, proactive solutions
  • Fairly compensate you for services provided
  • Support the team concept, and exhibit professionalism at all times

To Ourselves

  • Be supportive of each other’s personal and professional growth, and strive to be the best we can be
  • Reward those who contribute to our success
  • Maintain healthy and balanced lifestyles
  • Communicate honestly